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Elevate Your Real Estate Experience. Think Digital.

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Our Mission: Lumara seamlessly integrates digital assets like Bitcoin into the property landscape, envisioning a harmonized future where real estate and digital finance converge.

An image of a serene indoor pool inside a home.

Genesis & Growth: Established in 2022, Lumara's foundation lies in technology, web3, banking, and real estate expertise. Through strategic alliances with BitPay and Coinbase, we've innovated in property transactions, from expansive estates to the allure of tiny homes.

Beyond the Transaction: In a rapidly decentralizing world, Lumara champions wallet-to-wallet transactions, tailoring solutions that resonate with millennials, Gen Z, and crypto enthusiasts alike.

A Pledge to Principle: Grounded in inclusivity, innovation, and trust, Lumara democratizes property transactions. We stand for cutting-edge solutions, integrity, and a luminous vision of an inclusive future.Join us in reshaping property transactions for the digital age.

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Lumara boasts an elite consortium of agents, comprising the crème de la crème of realtors from the world's most illustrious property landscapes — from the sun-kissed boulevards of Miami and the cinematic allure of Los Angeles to the opulent coasts of Marbella and the architectural marvels of Dubai.

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Redefining property exchanges without boundaries. Journey with Lumara for a world without limits. Keep pace and remain informed.

  • List properties from anywhere in the world
  • Frictionless, crypto transactions
  • Fiat/Crypto split payments supported
  • Faster and more secure than more traditional methods
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From bespoke listings to curated investments, redefine your property narrative.